318031 Ladder Splicer Tray, Yellow

318031 Ladder Splicer Tray, Yellow



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Ladder splicer tray.  Its surface measures 11 3/4lx 9 5/8"w x1"h.

  • Secures to ladder rungs with bracket and adjustable braces    
  • Provides flat surface for mounting fusion unit
  • Allows you to place fusion unit in desired location on tray
  • Strap handle for ease of transporting tray
  • Lightweight
  • Weather resistant
  • Surface area of 11 3/4"l x 9 5/8"w x 1"h
  • Mounts securely to basket with 7 7/8"l x 3"w x 4 3/4"h welded bracket

        Ladder splicer tray must be removed prior to moving the ladder

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