2Safe© Electrical Insulating Bucket Insert

  • Helps conduct daily safety inspections.
  • Provides a visual indication of wear, making daily inspections more accurate & easier to perform.
  • Specially formulated copolymer blend for weather resistance & excellent UV protection.

Available in various colors & sizes. 

By special order only.

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The 2Safe© electrical insulating bucket insert provides an added level of user support and safety. By providing visible indication of wear, daily inspections are more accurate and easier to perform. In the lab, the savings in time are obvious. Find the holes before the electrical stage of in-service retesting!

Our 2Safe© electrical insulating bucket inserts feature two distinct color layers which are molecularly bonded during the molding process. In effect, our electrical insulating bucket inserts are a single layer with two color strata that cannot separate.

The main color (outside and thicker) has been designed and tested to pass required periodic retests, the secondary color (inside and thinner) is a wear layer designed to make it easy for crews to do daily visual inspections of this safety equipment. A dangerously worn or gouged inner electrical insulating bucket insert wall will show the outer/main color, indicating a possible unsafe condition. This electrical insulating bucket insert should then be removed and retested according to each individual company's work practices.