1. Every electrical insulating bucket insert shipped from PTI receives the standard electrical test of exposure to 50,000 volts, AC-RMS, for one minute prior to shipment. Inserts are unconditionally guaranteed to withstand a similar test for 2 years with the only exception being physical abuse caused by the user. (We can't help the situation where a lineman steps in with spikes). Under our guarantee, we replace the insert. Full details are on the guarantee certificate.
  1. PTI also supplies inserts tested to 70,000 volts for one minute. Extra voltage testing requires advance ordering since the inserts are slightly heavier. Special manufacturing considerations are also utilized to ensure uniform testing. The 70,000 volts tested inserts are covered by PTI's standard guarantee.
  1. Electrical insulating bucket inserts should be subjected to a dielectric acceptance test by the utility to guard against any damage in transit. Re-testing by utilities is done on widely varying arrangements. We are familiar with companies who re-test every month. We rec­ommend a test interval which is consistent with ANSI standard A92.2. What is best is up to the individual safety department.
  1. All PTI testing is done with AC. To compare an AC test with a DC test, the DC voltage would have to be approximately 2.5 to 3 times the AC voltage. It should also be noted that PTI measures voltage as RMS. This is equal to approximately 100,000 volts AC.
  1. Additional general information on the electrical insulating bucket inserts and copolymer material is printed on the reverse side of our electrical insulating bucket insert data sheets.
  1. For further general information on inserts, please contact our Sales Department at (603) 645-6800.

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