Limited Warranty to Original Purchaser

Plastic Techniques Inc. of 27 Springfield Road, Goffstown, NH 03045 warrants to you, the original purchaser, that your Plastic Techniques product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used under normal conditions for one year from the date of purchase through the time periods outlined in the Duration of Warranty. Plastic Techniques products are designed and intended for commercial, non-consumer, use only.

Duration of Warranty

Our warranty and any applicable implied warranties are limited to defects arising during the one year period beginning on the date of purchase.

Proof of Purchase

You must be able to demonstrate the date on which you purchased your product when you make a claim under this warranty. Your contractor’s invoice, bill of sale, or similar document is sufficient. If you cannot show us the actual date of purchase, the time period in this warranty will start on the date we shipped your Plastic Techniques product from our factory.

What This Warranty Does Not Cover

This warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by:

  1. Alterations not approved by us, improper installation (including over or under sizing), improper repairs, or servicing, or improper parts and accessories not supplied by us.
  1. Inappropriate or unintended use, or failure to follow installation and operating instructions (including failure to perform preventative maintenance.)
  1. Improper fuel or electrical supply (such as low voltage, voltage transients, power interruption, and units on generators with no brownout protection.)
  1. Defects that happen after

(a) Anyone has tampered with the product;

(b) The product has been improperly serviced according to accepted trade practices; or

(c) The product has been damaged by an event beyond Plastic Techniques’ control.

  1. Consequential damages.
  1. Acts of God including, but not limited to, fire, flood or natural disaster.
  1. This Limited Warranty does not apply to products installed or operated outside of the United States and Canada.


Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for:

  1. Preventative maintenance of the product (such as cleaning and replacement of parts).
  1. Insuring that the instruction manual is followed for care and use of your product.
  1. Insuring that your product is installed by a competent, qualified technician, following all local and national codes, and industry standards.

What You Must Do

Contact us for an RMA number. Return the defective part to our factory at 27 Springfield Road, Goffstown, NH 03045, freight prepaid, with a properly completed Plastic Techniques RMA form

What We Will Do About a Defect

At our option, we will either repair or replace the defective product. Replacement products may be reconditioned products. We will pay the cost to ship the replacement to any continental United States destination. The warranty for the repaired or replaced part will last only for the remainder of the warranty period for the original part. We will not pay or be responsible for labor or defective/replacement part transportation costs or delays in repairing or failures to complete repairs caused by events beyond our reasonable control. If we are unable to repair or replace the defective part, we will refund the purchase price.

Only Warranty

This is the only warranty we make. Any other warranties, including the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are excluded. In other words, there are no warranties which extend beyond the warranties described in this Limited Warranty.

Other Rights

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state-to-state.

New Hampshire Law

New Hampshire law shall apply to the interpretation and enforcement of this warranty to the fullest extent possible.



  1. Every electrical insulating bucket insert shipped from PTI receives the standard electrical test of exposure to 50,000 volts, AC-RMS, for one minute prior to shipment. Inserts are unconditionally guaranteed to withstand a similar test for 2 years with the only exception being physical abuse caused by the user. (We can't help the situation where a lineman steps in with spikes.) Under our guarantee, we replace the insert - full details are on the guarantee certificate.
  1. PTI also supplies inserts tested to 70,000 volts for one minute. Extra voltage testing requires advance ordering since the inserts are slightly heavier. Special manufacturing considerations are also utilized to ensure uniform testing. The 70,000 volts tested inserts are covered by PTI's standard guarantee.
  1. Electrical insulating bucket inserts should be subjected to a dielectric acceptance test by the utility to guard against any damage in transit. Re-testing by utilities is done on widely varying arrangements. We are familiar with companies who re-test every month. We rec­ommend a test interval which is consistent with ANSI standard A92.2. What is best is up to the individual safety department.
  1. All PTI testing is done with AC. To compare an AC test with a DC test, the DC voltage would have to be approximately 2.5 to 3 times the AC voltage. It should also be noted that PTI measures voltage as RMS. This is equal to approximately 100,000 volts AC.
  1. Additional general information on the electrical insulating bucket inserts and copolymer material is printed on the reverse side of our electrical insulating bucket insert data sheets.
  1. For further general information on inserts, please contact our Sales Department at (603)645-6800.


Electrical Insulating Bucket Insert Test Certificate

Electrical insulating bucket inserts are molded from the best, stabilized copolymer blend available for this purpose. Each insert is carefully inspected and dielectrically tested to ANSI 92.2-2009 standard before shipment.

This product is covered by a limited warranty for a period of two years after the date listed on the certificate. A copy of the full warranty is available from Plastic Techniques, Inc. In brief, we will replace this insert if it will not withstand a one-minute test at the certified test voltage or if it has a crack or other mechanical damage resulting from improper molding.

The warranty shall not cover mechanical damage inflicted by obvious abuse. Nor shall any dielectric parameter other than voltage be warrantied.

Defective inserts must be shipped to PLASTIC TECHNIQUES, INC., GOFFSTOWN, NH -- Freight Prepaid. Upon receipt and inspection, a replacement insert will be shipped by us (freight prepaid in the continental United States).Under this warranty Plastic Technique’s liability shall be limited to replacement of inserts. The complete limited warranty, expressed or implied, is available from Plastic Techniques Inc.

NOTE: When returning a defective insert, an RMA# must be obtained. Warranty date, insert serial number, and reason for failure must be given to receive RMA#. The entire insert must be returned. If broken, all pieces must be included.