Bucket Truck Liners

PTI is the manufacturer of the broadest range of replacement electrical insulating buckets (commonly known as bucket liners).  All PTI's electrical insulating buckets meet and/or exceed the ANSI 92.2 standard.  They are available in 50kv or 70kv, many models available with built-in step so that getting in and out of bucket trucks becomes safer and easier.  Dozens of configurations and sizes are available in square, rectangle, kidney and 6-sided shapes.

 In addition to electrical insulating buckets we provide dozens of ergonomic solutions, ranging from steps, scuff pads and Hy-Jackers for the bottom of the basket all the way through to hard and soft covers for the top of the basket.

Plastic Techniques makes electrical insulating bucket truck inserts and liners to fit the following brands:

  • Altec
  • Aerial Lift
  • Asplundh
  • Baker
  • Dur-A-Lift
  • Hi-Ranger
  • Holan
  • Hunt-Pierce
  • Lift-All
  • McCabe
  • Pittman
  • RO
  • Reach-all
  • Skyworker
  • Tel-E-Lect
  • Teco
  • Time-Versalift
  • Utility Body

 To get started with pricing on bucket inserts, we simply need to know your truck manufacturer, bucket shape and dimensions.

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