1. Before returning any item, you must obtain a Return Authorization Number from the Sales De­partment of Plastic Techniques.
  1. Arrangements for returning any item as a new product must be made within 1 year of the original shipment date. Please refer to the Limited Warranty for complete details.
  1. Any item for return must bear the stamp containing the PTI name and the test information, if applicable. We will not accept any PTI products which have had our stamp or label removed or which have had other stamps, labels or serial numbers printed on them.
  1. Our products can be bulky and difficult items to pack for shipment; however, any product returned to the factory must be completely enclosed in a shipping container to prevent marring and scratch­ing. We will refuse to accept any returned items that are improperly packed and have become damaged in transit.
  1. Plastic Techniques, Inc. reserves the right to refuse returns on custom made items (i.e. special color, special cutouts, etc.). This does not refer to situations where we have shipped in error.
  1. All items being returned must be shipped freight PREPAID. We will advise you of proper shipping address when you notify us prior to returning the item.
  1. We will issue a CREDIT upon receipt of returned goods at our factory. Return of some items incurs a restocking fee of 20% (or 30% for 70kv Inserts). All credit card sales are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Please see “Terms and Conditions” for more information.
  1. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS. This is our current return policy which is subject to updates.